How to apply bridals make up at home step by step

How-to-apply-bridals-make-up-at-home-step-by-step-1 How to apply bridals make up at home step by stepHow to apply bridals make up at home step by step.Today we will help you in the girls who are getting married very soon and that is why we will give you a guideline to give you a perfect look, I guess you have followed the regimen of preparation of the skin before marriage and now you have beautiful smooth and perfect skin and thick and beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows .

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you have made a bridal bath and face and you have beautiful smooth hands and feet with a special manicure and pedicure and now you are going to start with makeup.

Then we will apply Blush, you will need to use redness to describe your look and you need to add even more shade, even if you already blush this day naturally, but you need to blush to get the smooth and elegant look on your cheeks .

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you can use any of your shades favorite reds and only apply to your cheeks, try to use the longer and thicker brush that is possible and combine well with a brush and then try to start the outer edge and then combine it with the word and then apply a more shade obscure your scammer sites, I hope you know what the fold areas are on your face and your shoulder or neck.

Now you need to apply your eye makeup, you do not need to add too many shades or shades too thick and heavy to see the carpet, you can even use natural shade on your big day too, you just have to look beautiful and you just have which look cool and lovely, so use beautiful curtains that enhance the look of your eyes and use tactics and mascara to make your wedding picture timeless, you can use fake eyelashes if you want but if you want a natural look then go for thick mascara and whiplash whip.

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Highlighting is the next way to strengthen your eyes and cheek, you just need to apply some of them to the bones and the area of ​​the nose and then rub with your fingers and you can use on the ambitious your bow to get attention on it but it’s not too much, less than moderate, just a thinner simpler line is possible and would make your lips so sexy and sensual.

If you have any type of blemishes or scars then you should use concealment and if you still do not have a skin tone around your eyes then it is very necessary to apply concealer above and below the eyes or else it would look so boring and so damaged in your big day, and pay attention to the mixture, your skin should look smooth and even.Finish your appearance with glossy lipstick or lipstick and add a floral touch for a beautiful and charming look.

How-to-apply-bridals-make-up-at-home-step-by-step-1 How to apply bridals make up at home step by step

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