how to do eye makeup step by step with pictures 2017 18

We liquid primer to start and what a great day it even makes to keep the primer to a slightly thick layer’m using will;) and then gray-brown powder base to take, and then we will cover most of this all Will apply, and then we are a little more crease that will be a mixture of more, but not too close to the bone, and then we will give the skin to absorb the moisturizer and we will prepare the eyebrow.

how to do smokey eyes makeup

You and I love the day to inform you about it, this is a day that year to wait for you to tell me, to ask, and one day I will have my own birthday to celebrate the love you said, me and love, I go To give, fat and happy worm of I love humor, and I see you eyes of.
brown eyes make up

I have a natural finish now to get light faded base or corrector some yellow gold marker pen to take and eyes around the well to the sheet and the payment dark purple black eye pencil to wear, and it is with an eyebrow and the groom and have A good mix blending brush used for the lower eye around the skin Keep an eye on, and increased, and your eyes lit up, and then end up losing contact with the dust and the Nudge and throughout the day will help you maintain Perfect

bright eyes makeup fashion

Now eyeliner brush with the Geek Envy eye shadow collection and the bottom line of the eyelashes, apply and then a bit of a blend, and now pure black gel liner to take the upper eyelash line, a thick part of the marker Applied gold and mascara applied thickness and now yellow to take and apply the inner corner and a little on the bone of the forehead and you are done.Now steel gray tone to take the cap off the applied and then mix well and then the flat brush with the light brown shade to take, and then with a mixture of steel shade and then bright makeup Geek envy eye shadow Take the top of the center applied most, and a mixture of bits and then brown and white shine to take to lose it apply makeup shadow of envy Geek and use tabulation.Apply your lip gloss and you’re ready to go.

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